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Scientology has been back in the headlines again. They have been making great play of the fact that one of the BBC reporters lost his cool and had a shouting match with one of their goons. Now I am a little unsure of what they actually believe. What I find most interesting is that there is no mention of god on the “about us” pages of their website. While buried in the search results you can find the following.

Does Scientology have a concept of God?

Most definitely. Scientology affirms the existence of a Supreme Being, although its dogma is unique and does not include the worship of one. Scientology believes that only through total spiritual enlightenment can one then truly discover and understand the Supreme Being.”

Given how main stream Christian most US opinion seems to be how is it that these views seem to be flourishing so well and prospering.

OMG just been watching a video on US police and how they have been bought out by the cult. It looks like the local police of Clear Water have become a department of Scientology. Now this is scary stuff. Only in America.

Is it a dark and dangerous cult as suggested by well… most people? Is certainly looks that way. Have read of the case of Lisa McPherson. Apparently even killing someone is not enough to get your thrown out of town if you have enough money.


BBC’s John Sweeney shouting at Tommy. Quite frankly he deserves a medal for not decking the freaky black suited goon.
Scientology is not Science interesting round of off ideas of scientology. The cult tried to have this site shut down but it fought back and lives.

Xenutv an interesting website looking at Scientology and its dodgy dealings. There is a great intro to Scientology on their blog.


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