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CBC Documentary

Interesting Canadian take on the current atheist movement. I was very impressed with the rapper. In Europe atheists just get on with life apparently in Canada they feel the need to have basement meetings. It’s all a bit strange but interesting non the less.


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Marcus at his best…

Marcus Brigstocke rants about religion. Not for the faint-hearted! Audio from ‘The Now Show’, Radio 4, Saturday 21 July 2007. Pictures compiled and sequenced by Alien8ted. I was going to have a go at adding images to the speech but as usual there is not enough time 😦 I think I would have been less kind in my use of images.

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Dan Dennett receives the “Richard Dawkins Award” at the AAI 07 conference in Washington, D.C. Julia Sweeney introduces Richard Dawkins, and Richard Dawkins introduces Dan Dennett.

Jump to 17:20 to start the speech (Intros by Julia Sweeney – VERY, VERY ANNOYING and Richard Dawkins)

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