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Oh dear.. It looks like churches in England are having a slight problem with their numbers after they announced some shocking figures this week. It would seem that people are leaving churches twice as fast as they are able to recruit. The influx of immigrants into the UK seems to be helping to keep congregations floating but the long term trends look promising. At this rate there will be no one left to attend these churches. The only down side I can see here is that a huge number of ancient building may be at risk as congregations decline. The government should be starting to consider how these ex-religious institutes can be used and maintained once people stop worshiping there or we will be in danger of loosing a great deal of history. Some figures from the report:

  • 6.3% of the population go to church on an average Sunday, compared to 7.5% in 1998
  • 29% of churchgoers are 65 or over, compared with 16% of the population
  • 9% of churches have no-one under 11 in their congregations
  • Black people make up 10% of all churchgoers in England, while other non-white ethnic groups add a further 7%.
  • In inner London, fewer than half of worshippers are white.

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Were you kidnapped from your comfy bed as an infant by your parents and paraded in front of friends and family in a silly white frock, dunked in water while some guy in white muttered superstitious chants over you? If so then you were probably Baptised against your will. This happens thousands of times a week to helpless children who have no say in what they are being signed up for. What really annoys me is that parents who are otherwise secular and have only been to church 5 times in their lives still feel it appropriate to put their children through this. They will even stand in public and makes promised they clearly do not believe in. Well now you can overcome this insanity and set the record straight with this Certificate of De-Baptism… available from the National Secular Society.

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Greetings All

Well for good or bad I have myself a blog.  Despite being a fully signed up geek I have managed to avoid the world of blogging till now.  So let see what this thing can do. I suppose I could put any odd stuff up here but due to time restraints I think I will save this space for my fav past time… trying to help people who believe in invisible deities to see the light oh and I might even have some time to look at religions and religious practice in general.  We will just have to see how it goes.

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